Warren Point Cemetery

A small cemetery back of the Wendall Davis home. The Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society records indicate this cemetery was privately owned by Richard Warren. Eventually, the town took it over, and the stones were moved, apparently to “Mount Warren Cemetery.” However, they are not listed as being in “Mount Warren.”

Ackley, Hannah b: Dec 10, 1793 DI - d: Aug 20, 1855 DI - w/o Samuel Ackley - d/o Nathaniel & Betsey (Colby) Robbins

Emerson, son of Samuel Emerson

Pickering, Deborah W. b: 1830s - d: ? - w/o William Pickering - d/o William & Sarah Dow

Stinson, Mary “Polly” Robbins b: 1785 DI - d: Apr 2, 1857 - w/o (Deacon) Thomas Stinson, Jr. - d/o Thomas & Sarah (Gould) Robbins

Stinson, Thomas (Deacon) b: Oct 20, 1784 DI - d: May 22, 1857 - h/o Mary “Polly” Robbins - s/o Thomas Jr. & Eunice (Colby) Stinson

There is another stone in this old cemetery for a woman born in1698, soon after the island was settled. The stone is broken, with name and date illegible.

Special Note: We are indebted to George Skuse for the following information, dated 8/22/05: The grave of Hannah Ackley (Hosmer's Historical Sketches notes that one of Nathaniel Robbins daughters married a Mr. Ackley) is in the woods on Warren's Point, about 200 feet SE of the Judith Rader home on Warren Point Drive (a.k.a. Pear Tree Hill Road). George Skuse’s father and cousin say that Deborah Pickering's grave is also in the woods but closer to the shore. My father is actively trying to locate the grave, as there is a development going in this area. The developers are aware of the situation and plan a 4-foot right-of-way to the grave when and if it is found.