Exhibit Barn

Exhibit space in the barn is mostly dedicated to work life on the Island, including the former cobbler. Lobster buoys are one of several new exhibits that celebrates the Island’s fishing industries.

John Ellsworth of Brooklin began construction of the new barn in November of 2009. Ellsworth used horses to haul the logs from the woods and his portable saw mill, set up in his barn, to prepare the beams and cut the joinery. The barn is held together by 300 pegs in the same manner that the Seller’s house, which was built in 1830 and is also on exhibit at the society, was constructed.

Both floors of the barn are filled with exhibits such as the Sardine Factory, the Printing Press, the Native American Artifacts, and the Granite Industry.

The Exhibit Barn also houses lobster fishing boat Joyce B, and the fisherman's hall of fame.