Stonington 1910 Census

Allen, Fannie S. (Bray) w/o F. G. Allen.

Allen, F. G., h/o Fannie. He was a machinist, by trade.

Allen, Maud, d/o Fannie & F. G., married a Manter. She was housekeeper for Doc Tewksbury family.

Allen, Milton A. s/o F. G. & Fannie. Capt. of the quarry boat “Sunbeam.” Married Phenie Hutchinson and they had 4 children (not in this census but noted, as follows).

Allen, Frank, Graduated Maine Maritime Academy and went to sea as an engineering officer. He later came home to work and drowned 1969

Allen, Patricia - She moved away after graduating from High School and I have no further info on her.

Allen, Merrill - Merrill married Judy Cleveland and they had several children. Merrill was a career non-commissioned officer in the U. S. Army. He died middle aged.

Allen, Milton - The youngest child in the family. He died young.

Allen, Eliza - d/o F. G. & Fannie. She married George Richardson. She lived into her nineties and died at the Island Nursing Home. I don't believe they had any children.

Allen, Vianna E. (Vive) - d/o F. G. & Fannie. I think she and Eliza (Lide) were twins. She lived in MA - Can't remember her married name or if she had children.

Allen, Grace L. -d/o F. G & Fannie. Married Bill Michaud. Had an adopted son Robert. They ran Richardson & Michaud store on Greenhead for a number of years.

Allen, Leander - listed as a blacksmith living on the Deer Isle Rd.

Allen, Addie B. w/o Leander. She was a Thompson - Travers before marriage. No further info.

Allen, M. listed as a general worker and living on Tea Hill. no further info.

Allen, Bertha. w/o M. - no maiden name given - no further info.

Allen, Helen, d/o M. & Bertha - pupil - no further info.

Allen, Dorothy, d/o M. & Bertha - no further info.

Allen, William, s/o M. & Bertha - no further info.

Allen, C. Ruth, d/o M. & Bertha - no further info.

Ames, Thomas, died in 1893. buried in family cemetery on Indian Point Rd.

Ames, Patience. died 1905 w/o Thomas. buried in family cemetery.

Ames, Justus. died 1916, s/o Tom & Patience - single - Buried in family lot.

Ames, Calvin. died 1945. s/o Tom & Patience single - Buried in family lot.

Ames, Mercy. died 1928 d/o Tom & Patience - single - Buried in family lot.

Ames, Walden. died 1949 s/o Tom & Patience - single - Buried in family lot.

Ames, Burton. died 1949 s/o Tom & Patience - single - Buried in family lot.

Anderson, Augustus - was a stone cutter. No indication in the census of a wife.

Anderson, Amel - s/o Augustus - moved to Friendship, Me.

Anderson, Walter - s/o Augustus and going to school.

Anderson, Emma - d/o Augustus. She married Albert Malin.

Anderson, Elsie - d/o Augustus - going to school.

Anderson, Augustus A. - s/o Augustus - going to school. (Millard Anderson's father??)

Annis, Gleason - s/o Samuel & Rebecca- see below.

Annis, Annie - w/o Gleason - d/o Frank & Laura Wood.

Annis, Arthur E. - s/o Gleason & Annie.

Annis, Harry A. - s/o Gleason & Annie.

Annis, John A. - janitor. Lived Highland Ave.

Annis, Annie (Rumery) - w/o John - Married a Barter and then Annis.

Annis, M. Z. - a tinsmith and a plumber.

Annis, Samuel A. a fisherman from Oceanville.

Annis, Rebecca B (Gross) -w/o Samuel.

Arey, Henry C. stonecutter - home on Seabreeze Ave.

Arey, Rosalie (Small) - w/o Henry. Arey.

Arey, Florian - s/o Henry & Rosalie - teacher.

Ashworth, Edwin - paving cutter - lives Greenhead.

Ashworth, Grace - w/o Edwin - from Ellsworth.

Ashworth, Theodore - s/o Edwin & Grace.

Ashworth, Victor - s/o Edwin & Grace - lives Ellsworth.

Ashworth, Grace - d/o Edwin & Grace - pupil - lives Ellsworth.

Ashworth, Wesley - s/o Edwin & Grace - pupil - lives Ellsworth

Ashworth, John - paving cutter - lives off Main St.

Ashworth, Jane (Smith) - w/o John.

Ashworth, James R. s/o John & Jane - gen’l work in Milford, MA.

Ashworth, Richard - s/o John & Jane - stone cutter in E. Blue Hill.

Ashworth, Annie M. - d/o John & Jane - married a Veazie.

Austin, Harry - farmer - W. Stonington (Burnt Cove area)

Babbidge, Mary L. (Spofford) - Main St.

Babbidge, Susie L. (appears to be Mary's dau. - listed as a clerk)

Babbidge. Emily M. (Knowles) - Church St.

Bailey, Roscoe A. - teamster - West Stonington.

Bailey, Victoria C. (Duke / Smith) - w/o Roscoe -

Bailey, Laura P. d/o Roscoe & Victoria - married Deacon - lives Somerville, Ma.

Baldisaro, Giulio - stonecutter - lived on Crotch Island.

Banks, L. L. - paving cutter - lives Main St.

Banks, Lena F. (Thurston) - w/o L. L.

Banks, Chauncy E. “ Tonic” - s/o L. L. & Lena - worked Stonington Furniture. Married Mamie Haskell

Banks, Gladys M. - d/o L. L. & Lena.

Banks, Annie E. - d/o L. L. & Lena.

Barbour, Irving - sea Capt. - lives Main St. - also listed in Deer Isle census.

Barbour, Cora (Greene) - w/o Irving.

Barbour, Laurence G. - s/o Irving & Cora.

Barbour, Warren P. - s/o Irving & Cora.

Barbour, Sterling K. - farmer - W. Stonington. Married Lillian (Stinson).

Barbour, Mabel S. - d/o Sterling & Lillian - married a Putnam - lives Thomaston.

Barbour, Archibald - s/o Sterling & Lillian - goes yachting.

Barbour, Hugh M. - s/o Sterling & Lillian - house painter in Blue Hill.

Barbour, S. W. - retired sea Capt. - lives Main St. - raises sheep & sells real estate.

Barbour, Elner Hamblen - w/o S. W.

Barbour, Granville - s/o S. W. & Elner - engineer in Boston.

Barbour, Marion - d/o S. W. & Elner - pupil.

Barbour, Timothy - stone cutter - lives Tea Hill.

Barbour, Eva Stanley - w/o Tim.

Barbour, Leola - d/o Tim & Eva.

Barbour, Victoria Redman - lives corner of Main & Ocean View. (widow ??)

Barbour, Benjamin S. - s/o Victoria - shirt mfg. in Lewiston.

Barbour, Timothy W. - s/o Victoria - stonecutter - must be same as above ??

Barbour, Thomas F. - s/o Victoria - blacksmith

Barter, Annie - married an Annis - see above

Barter, Hosea - s/o Annie - works at lime kilns in Rockland.

Barter, Llewellyn - s/o Annie - police dept. in Rockland

Barter, Jennie E. - d/o Annie - married a Merrifield in Rockland.

Barter, Frances G. - d/o Annie - student.

Barter, Charles - carpenter - lives Crescent Ave.

Barter, Annie H. Greene - w/o Charles.

Barter, Minot L. - s/o Charles & Annie - student.

Barter, Charles O. - fisherman.

Barter, Ida Hutchinson - w/o Charles O.

Barter, Nettie E. -d/o Chas. & Ida - pupil.

Barter, Lena M. - d/o Chas. & Ida - pupil.

Barter, Mildred C. - d/o Chas. & Ida - pupil.

Barter, Marion A. - d/o Chas. & Ida - pupil.

Barter, Eliza (Forkingham).

Barter, Edwin E. - s/o Eliza - gen'l worker.

Barter, Ethel P. pupil - lives Sea Breeze Ave.

Barter, Orrin P. - fisherman.

Barter, Experience (Ames) - w/o Orrin.

Barter, Charles O. (s/o Orin & Experience - fisherman).

Barter, Thomas J. (s/o Orin & Experience - yachtsman).

Barter, Rhoda (d/o Orin & Experience - Married Wakefield fm Swans Island - Greenwood cem.

Barter, Ethel, (d/o Orin & Experience - pupil).

Barter, Roscoe - fisherman - Main St.

Barter, Clara Freethy (w/o Roscoe)

Bartlett, Augustus - grocer - 1st on Crotch Island but later moved to Main St.

Bartlett, Virginia - w/o Augustus - no children listed, but there was Mario & Harold & several girls.

Bates, Ernest L. - lives Main St. - stone cutter.

Bates, Christie C. (Thurlow) - w/o Ernest.

Bates, Marion E. - d/o Ernest & Christie - pupil.

Bates, Mary E. - d/o Ernest & Christie.

Bates, Charles H. - s/o Ernest & Christie

Beal, John E. - fisherman - East Ave.

Beal, Etta L. (Henderson) - w/o John E.

Beal, Walter A. - s/o John & Etta - pupil

Beal, Eva B. - d/o John & Etta

Berdeen, Charles F. - quarryman - N. Stonington.

Berdeen, Bertha (Seekins) - w/o Charles)

Berdeen, Cordelia (Ackley) d/o Charles & Bertha - N. Stonington.

Berdeen, Charles E. s/o Charles & Bertha - quarryman - Buried Greenwood cem., Oceanville

Berdeen, May - d/o Charles & Bertha - she married Paul T. Small

Berdeen, Elmer - s/o Charles & Bertha - paving cutter.

Berdeen, Hattie (Banks) - w/o Elmer

Berdeen, Hazel M. d/o Elmer & Hattie - pupil. She would later marry Elmer Cane and live in Surry.

Berdeen, Cecil L. s/o Elmer & Hattie - h/o Lucy V. Bridges of Swan’s Island. They had Eleanor & Leona R. Eleanor married Paul Gross. Cecil ran a store on Rte 15, North Stonington.

Billings, Adeline R. (Woodward-Sellers) - Highland Ave.

Billings, Almon - fisherman - Main St.

Billings, Etta L. (Carter) - w/o Almon

Billings, Kenneth W. - s/o Almon & Etta

Billings, H. L. fisherman - off main St.

Billings, Lillian A. (Sellers) w/o H. L.

Billings, John - fisherman - Church St.

Billings, Ella M. (Phillips) - 1st w/o John

Billings, Kathleen - d/o John & Ella - I believe she married Floyd “Froggy” Barter.

Billings, Myrtle (Morey) - 2nd w/o John - Ella died 1922- (They had Everett, Lillian & Donald)

Billings, Llewellyn - fisherman - Highland Ave.

Billings, Ursula A (Toothaker) - w/o Llewellyn

Billings, Lucy - d/o Llewellyn & Ursula - see Collins listing

Billings, William J. - s/o Llewellyn & Ursula - he married Mabel “Babe” & they had Paul & Mary

Billings, Lena M. - d/o Llewellyn & Ursula

Black, George S. - carpenter - Church St.

Black, Lucy (Hendricks) w/o George - d/o Wm & Elsie (Eaton) Hendricks of LDI.

Black, Leroy - s/o George & Lucy

Black, William - s/o George & Lucy

Black, Carl - s/o George & Lucy

Black, Merle - s/o George & Lucy

Bowden, Roscoe B. - fisherman - Eastern Ave.

Bowden, Claudia A. (Richardson) - w/o Roscoe

Bowden, Annie F. - d/o Roscoe & Claudia

Bowden, Christie B. - d/o Roscoe & Claudia

Bowden, Jessie L. - d/o Roscoe & Claudia

Bray, Thomas H. - stonecutter, lived West Stonington

Bray, Phenie W. - w/o Thomas W. - d/o Benjamin Franklin & Elvira R. (Downs) Small

Bray, Geneva M. - d/o Thomas & Phenie - pupil

Bray, Basil H. - s/o Thomas & Phenie - during WW II Basil was a boss carpenter at the shipyard - he later built and operated Bray’s Burnt Cove Market.

Brimigion, Charles W. “Bill” - ran barber shop in town - s/o Joseph & Mary (Gross) Brimigion

Brimigion, Myrtie - w/o “Bill” Brimigion - d/o Franklin Beckwith, M. D. & Mary G. Haskell, Ferguson

Brimigion, Charles L. - s/o Bill & Myrtie - WWI motorcycle messenger on the western front - During the late ’30s and early ’40s he ran a lunch room in town. Also had a lunch wagon and when it was parked on Main St. you could smell hotdogs and onions cooking every night in the summer. Charles married Lottie Greene. They are buried in Hillside cemetery in Sunset

Brimigion, Vieva V. - d/o Bill & Myrtie - She lived in South Portland; married to a Kenney, I think.

Brimigion, Mary G. - d/o Bill & Myrtie - Mary married the dentist, Dr. Lewis Tewksbury. Mary lived to about 105. Was in Penobscot nursing home for many years. They had two daughters Norma and Marjorie. Both girls married and live in the San Francisco area as of 2015.

Brimigion, Lloyd Kenneth - s/o Bill & Myrtie. He married Jennie Jones, d/o Frank Jones. He ran locomotives on the quarry, ran the boiler room at the shipyard during WWII and finally built his own boat and went lobstering. He and Jennie had two sons. Lloyd, the oldest is my age and my very best friend. He retired from TV-WCSH Channel 2 in Bangor where he was business manager. Joseph Carleton “Carmy” moved to Connecticut, working in the industrial mfg. field. He had two daughters.

Brimigion, Norman “Pink” - s/o Bill & Myrtie. Pink had his own fish business for a long while. He also worked in Portland. He married Madelyn Gross who had a beauty parlor. She was the daughter of Lester & Louise Gross. They had sons Kenneth and John. (John died young - see Greenwood cemetery).

Brimigion, Joseph. He ran a livery stable located on Russ’s Hill.

Brimigion, Mary. - w/o Joseph - maiden name Gross.

Brimigion, Charles W. “Bill” - s/o Joseph & Mary - see above listing.

Brimigion, Madge V. - d/o Joseph & Mary - married Ray Small - see listing under Small.

Brodis, Bert L. a quarryman - h/o Ada Smith

Brodis, Ada - w/o Bert - maiden name Smith

Brodis, Frances L. - d/o Bert & Ada

Brodis, Theresa - d/o Bert & Ada

Brown, George A. - stonecutter - W. Stonington - h/o Helen Small

Brown, Helen Sebelia - w/o George A. - d/o Benjamin & Lucy (Jordan) Small

Brown, Mayetta J. - d/o George & Helen Brown - she is listed as a postal clerk

Brown, Harold J. - s/o George & Helen - listed as a student.

Brown, J. F. - paving cutter - lives Church St. - h/o Lydia Coombs

Brown, Lydia F. - w/o J. F. - maiden name Coombs.

Brown, Alexander B. - stone cutter - s/o J. F. & Lydia

Brown, William W. - stone cutter - s/o J. F. & Lydia

Bryant, Charles - engr- lives Deer Isle Rd. - h/o Louise Small - s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant

Bryant, Louise - w/o Charles - d/o Greeley F. & Sarah E. (Shute) Small - a/k/a “Louisa G.” - Deer Isle

Bryant, Robert W. - s/o Charles & Louise (Small) Bryant

Bryant, Jacob - ret’d - lives D. I. Rd. - h/o Rebecca McCaleb -

Bryant, Rebecca - w/o Jacob - d/o Sarah McCaleb - see below

Bryant, Fred - fisherman - lives Philadelphia, Pa. - s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant

Bryant, Henry - fisherman - lives Corea, Me. - s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant

Bryant, George - mariner - s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant

Bryant, Nettie - d/o s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant - w/o David Fifield - aka “Ninetta J.”

Bryant, Sarah - Married to Bryant but associated with (Greenlaw - Stinson - Small - McCaleb)

Bryant, Deborah - d/o Sarah - w/o Noyes in Newport, Me.

Buckminster, Harry N. - yachtsman - Oceanville - h/o ?

Buckminster, Lawrence - gen’l labor - Oceanville

Buckminster, Louisa H. - Oceanville - w/o Stephan B. Thurlow - d/o ?

Buckminster, Nettie S. - d/o Louisa H. - Ass’t Post master, Oceanville

Buckminster, Joseph W. - machinist - Dexter, Me.

Buckminster, Mrs Susan W. - Oceanville

Buckminster, Minnie E. - d/o Susan W. - married William B. Hatch

Caeran, Anton - merchant & quarry - Oceanville

Caeran, Eda (Scaletti) w/o Anton

Calley, Elmer W. - electrician - Main St. (possibly name is Colby, not Calley)

Calley, Hazel - w/o Elmer - telephone operator - listed as d/o Josiah & Susan E. (Thurston) Stinson.

Campbell, Morrill A. - W. Stonington

Candage, Asa O. - retired merchant - Main St.

Candage, Martha A. - w/o Asa - d/o Lewis A. Eaton

Candage, Abbie - d/o Asa & Martha- married a Gray & lives W. Sedgwick

Candage, Etta - d/o Asa & Martha - married a Herrick & lives Brooklin

Candage, Elsie - d/o Asa & Martha - married 1. Hinckley 2. Neil MacDonald

Candage, Florence S. - d/o Asa & Martha - married John Wallace, quarry Supt.

Candage, Ellen C. - lives Greenhead - married Tim Robbins (possible connection to Mathews)

Candage, Vivian A. - d/o Ellen C. Candage

Candage, Elwen - paving cutter - lives N. Stonington

Candage, Mary (Farrell) -w/o Elwen

Candage, William - s/o Elwen & Mary - paving cutter

Candage, Jean - d/o Elwen & Mary - married a Robbins

Candage, Alena - d/o Elwen & Mary - married Stephen Webb

Candage, Gladys - d/o Elwen & Mary - pupil

Candage, Abbie - d/o Elwen & Mary - pupil

Candage, Ralph - s/o Elwen & Mary - pupil

Candage, Harvey E. - quarry foreman - lives Tea Hill

Candage, Lettie E. - w/o 1. Colin Greene 2. Harvey Candage - d/o Bonsey

Candage, Leaman H. - s/o Harvey & Lettie - pupil

Candage, Willis B. - carpenter - Highland Ave.

Candage, Sadie - w/o Willis - d/o Nason

Candage, Charles A. - s/o Willis & Sadie - pupil

Candage, Alice D. - d/o Willis & Sadie - pupil

Carter, Arthur M. - stone cutter - Main St.

Carter, Clara F. - w/o Arthur - d/o B. S. & Eliza (Fifield) Thurlow

Carter, Benjamin L. - carpenter - became an Elder in the LDS church

Carter, Eliza B. (Gross) - ran boarding house off Main St.

Carter, Morton A. - s/o Eliza - pupil

Carter, Hazel M. - d/o Eliza - pupil

Carter, Erastus J. - insurance agent - off Main St.

Carter, Etta T. (Freethey) - w/o Erastus

Carter, Bernard J. - s/o Erastus & Etta - pupil

Carter, Howard - stone cutter - Highland Ave.

Carter, Amelia (Stewart)- w/o Howard

Carter, Norman - s/o Howard & Amelia

Carter, Leola - d/o Howard & Amelia

Carter, Nellie M. - lives on Cross Rd. - maiden name Bowden

Carter, Sarah A. d/o Nellie - married James Robbins

Carter, Sylva J. s/o Nellie - stone cutter

Carter, Louisa E. - d/o Nellie - married John Knowlton

Carter, Nora A. - d/o Nellie - married Emery Eaton

Carter, George E. - s/o Nellie - RR engineer in Boston

Carter, Myrtle E. - d/o Nellie - married James Robbins of Deer Isle

Carter, Arthur M. - s/o Nellie - stone cutter - married Clara Thurlow

Carter, Howard J. - s/o Nellie - stone cutter - married Amelia Stewart

Carter, Irving L. - s/o Nellie - stone cutter -

Carter, Wallace - s/o Nellie - clerk in Boston

Carter, Susan - at home - Main St.

Chatto, Gilman - blacksmith - off Main St.

Chatto, Eugene H. - quarryman - West Rd.

Chalmers, Elmer - stone cutter - Main St. (census spelling - Charlmers)

Chalmers, Minnie - w/o Elmer - maiden name O’Brion - runs boarding house

Chalmers, George A. - s/o Elmer & Minnie - pupil

Chalmers, Harold W. - s/o Elmer & Minnie - pupil

Chalmers, Cecil W. - s/o Elmer & Minnie - pupil

Chalmers, Mina - d/o Elmer & Minnie - pupil

Chalmers, Maggie J. - d/o Elmer & Minnie - pupil

Chamberlain, Artemas - paving cutter - Main St.

Chamberlain, Lillie (York) w/o Artemas

Chamberlain, Alice M. - d/o Artemas & Lillie - at home

Chamberlain, Colin G. - s/o Artemas & Lillie - paving cutter

Chamberlain, Annie R. - d/o Artemas & Lillie - pupil

Chamberlain, Roland C. - s/o Artemas & Lillie - pupil

Chamberlain, Eugene A. - s/o Artemas & Lillie - at home

Childs, Lizzie J. (Haggerty) - widow of James E. Childes - taught school on Merchant’s Island

Clark, Leonidas - farmer & fisherman - Oceanville - h/o the late Lucy Phinney

Clark, Gertrude - adopted d/o Leonidas & Lucy - married Seth Webb Lufkin

Cleveland, Charles A. - quarryman - lives Greenhead

Cleveland, Fannie M. (Silver) - w/o Charles

Cleveland, Pearl E. - s/o Charles & Fannie - at home

Cleveland, Allen R. - engineer - s/o Charles & Fannie

Cleveland, Myrtle F. - d/o Charles & Fannie - pupil

Cleveland, Charles W. - pupil - s/o Charles & Fannie - would marry Natalie Noyes

Cleveland, Gardiner B. - pupil - s/o Charles & Fannie

Cleveland, Gwendolin E. - at home - d/o Charles & Fannie - would marry Edward Ahern

Cohen, Abraham - merchant - Atlantic Ave.

Cohen, Leah (Quint) - w/o Abraham

Coid, Samuel, Jr. - Engineer - Main St.

Coid, Nina D. (Greene) - w/o Samuel Jr.

Coid, Marguerite - d/o Samuel & Nina - at home

Coid, Harding, s/o Samuel & Nina - at home

Coid, Samuel, Sr. - stone cutter - lives off Main St.

Coid, Margaret (Johnson) - w/o Samuel, Sr.

Coid, Mary S. - d/o Samuel & Nina - milliner in Boston

Coid, Samuel Jr. (see above)

Coid, William - s/o Samuel & Nina - stonecutter

Coid, Elizabeth - d/o Samuel & Nina - married a Harding - lives Prospect, Me.

Cody, Howard - stone cutter - School St.

Cody, Gertrude (McGrath) - w/o Howard

Cody, Louselle M. - d/o Howard & Gertrude - pupil

Cody, Paul J. - s/o Howard & Gertrude - at home

Cody, Howard H. - s/o Howard & Gertrude - at home

Cody, Merwin F. -s/o Howard & Gertrude - at home

Colby, Austin A. - farmer & fisherman - West Stonington

Colby, Alice M. (Stinson) - w/o Austin

Colby, Floyd H. - s/o Austin & Alice - fisherman

Colby, Harry W. - steamboat agent - Sea Breeze Ave. - later was school janitor for many years

Colby, Lillian L. - (Coombs) - w/o Harry

Colby, Dorothy - d/o Harry & Lillian - believe she married a Fifield

Colby, William N. - s/o Harry & Lillian

Colby, Jessie G. - student - West Stonington

Colby, Louisa S. (Barbour) - w/o George Colby, deceased - re-married a Milne

Colby, Annie B. - d/o George & Louisa - at home

Colby, Beulah, - d/o George & Louisa - at home

Colby, John S. - s/o George & Louisa - pupil

Colby, Hazel B. - d/o George & Louisa - pupil

Colby, Luella (Knowlton) - Church St.

Colby, Maud - d/o Luella - married a Duke

Colby, Richard J. - retired - lives Cross Rd.

Colby, Annie - d/o Richard - married a Stinson in Deer Isle

Colby, Lydia - d/o Richard - married a Welch in Prospect Harbor

Colby, Mary - d/o Richard - married a Judkins

Cole, Rosa - at home - Oceanville

Cole, William - retired - lives Sunset Rd.

Cole, Rosa - d/o William - see above

Collins, Milford - stone cutter - h/o Lucy Billings - Mel ran a (beer) store @ foot of Russ Hill

Collins, Lucy - w/o Milford “ Mel” Collins - nice lady - quite deaf

Collins, Harold M. - s/o Milford & Lucy - believe he worked for a power Co. in NH

Colomy, Frank L. - fisherman, Oceanville

Colomy, Fred L. - s/o Frank - general work - lives Blue Hill

Colomy, Charles E. - s/o Frank - steamboat officer - Rockland

Colomy, Myra F. - d/o frank - married a Gross & Lives Swan’s Island

Colomy, Matilda L. - w/o Frank - apparently married to a Crockett & then a Greenlaw before Frank

Conary, Alvah - yacht Capt. - Sea Breeze Ave.

Conary, Carrie A. (Smith) - w/o Alvah

Conary, Maurice - s/o Alvah & Carrie - student

Conary, L. Merle - s/o Alvah & Carrie - pupil

Condon, Edward H. - merchant - Main St.

Condon, G. Rose (Urquhart) - w/o Edward

Condon, Laurence U. - s/o Edward & Rose - pupil

Condon, Rudolph E. - s/o Edward & Rose - pupil

Condon, Gertrude E. - d/o Edward & Rose -

Cook, Roland L. clerk - East Ave.

Cook, Elizabeth M. (Robbins) - w/o Roland

Cook, Ralph L. - s/o Roland & Elizabeth - fisherman

Cook, Leroy S. - s/o Roland & Elizabeth - pupil

Coombs, Charles F. - fisherman - Sea Breeze Ave.

Coombs, James H. - blacksmith - Main St.

Coombs, Hattie A. (Coombs) - w/o James H.

Coombs, James N. - fisherman - Sea Breeze Ave.

Coombs, Celeste (Hamilton) - w/o J. N.

Coombs, James W. - s/o James N. & Celeste - sea Capt.

Coombs, Gertrude E. - d/o James N. & Celeste - married Frank Webb

Coombs, Georgia E. - d/o James N. & Celeste - married James McGuire

Coombs, Ernest E. - s/o JamesN. & Celeste - clerk - married Winifred Murphy

Coombs, Walter W. - s/o James N. & Celeste - pupil - married Georgia Gross

Coombs, Merton A. - shoemaker - Atlantic Ave.

Coombs, Ethel M. (Ware) - w/o Merton

Cousins, C. Lyman - merchant - School St.

Cousins, Susie E. (Fifield) - w/o Lyman - lovely lady - lived next to the old high school

Cousins, Marion E. - d/o Lyman & Susie - pupil - she married and moved to Montana

Cousins, Lawrence “ Lump”- s/o Lyman & Susie * not list, as yet to be born - married Mary Wallace

Cousins, Eugene - blacksmith - Main St.

Cousins, M. E. - stone cutter - East Ave.

Cousins, Abbie C. (Gray) - w/o M. E.

Cousins, Lena E. - d/o M. E. & Abbie - teacher

Cousins, Emma C. - d/o M. E. & Abbie - at home

Cousins, Maud E. - d/o M. E. & Abbie - pupil

Cousins, Winfield L. - s/o M. E. & Abbie - pupil

Cousins, Melissa E. (Colby) - School St. - w/o Charles C. Cousins - prior marriages to Davis & Holden

Cousins, Jennie D. - d/o Melissa & ? - married a Muttart & Lives Auburn, Ma.

Cousins, C. Lyman - s/o Charles & Melissa (Colby) Cousins - see above.

Cousins, Robert K. - truckman - s/o Charles & Melissa (Colby) Cousins - h/o Agatha C. Grindell

Cousins, Ethel - d/o Melissa & ? - bookkeeper in Portland

Cousins, Raymond - blacksmith - Main St.

Cousins, Reuben W. - motor boat capt., steamboat agent & town police officer - h/o Maude Hatch

Cousins, Maude C. (Hatch) - w/o Reuben - Sea Breeze Ave.

Cousins, William E. - restaurant owner, Main St.

Cousins, Sarah L. (Bray) - w/o William E.

Cousins, Frederick - s/o William & Sarah - pupil

Cousins, Percy C. - s/o William & Sarah - pupil

Crega, Antonio - quarryman - Crotch Island

Crega, John - quarryman - Crotch Island

Crockett, Elmer E. - time keeper & shipping clerk - Crescent Ave.

Crockett, Fannie W. (Hatch) - w/o Elmer

Crockett, Millicent M. - d/o Elmer & Fannie - married a Gregory in Rockland

Crockett, Bessie B. - d/o Elmer & Fannie - married a Judkins

Crockett, Charles B. s/o Elmer & Fannie - engineer

Crockett, Sara B. - d/o Elmer & Fannie - student - she married Arthur Spoffard

Crockett, Gideon Hatch - fisherman - Oceanville - h/o Susan Simpson (deceased)

Crockett, Ralph L. - s/o Gideon & Susan - bookkeeper

Crockett, Arletta M. - d/o Gideon & Susan - married a Greenlaw

Crockett, Philip - merchant - lives Sea Breeze Ave.

Crockett, Celia (Segall) - w/o Philip

Crockett, Bertha - d/o Philip & Celia -pupil - married Harry Gerrish

Crockett, Gertrude - d/o Philip & Celia - pupil

Dalzell, Alexander - stonecutter - Highland Ave.

Dalzell, Ora (Young) - w/o Alexander

Dow, Ada - school St. - married GeorgeTrundy after Dow - maiden name Hardy - buried Greenwood

Dow, Alton D. s/o Ada & ? - gas engineer - buried Greenwood

Dow, Maurice - s/o Ada & ? - pupil - moved to Portland during WWII - had a son Chester

Davis, Addie (Dow) - West Stonington

Davis, Harold - s/o Addie & ? - student

Davis, Mabel - d/o Addie & ? - pupil

Davis, Melissa - married a Holden - Cousins - lives School St.

Davis, Charles B. - s/o Melissa & ? - farmer in Vinal Haven

Davis, Lizzie V. - d/o Melissa & ? - married a Pierce - tel. operator in Boston

Davis, J. Carlton - s/o Melissa & ? - engineer

Davis, Zina - married a Young - lives Highland Ave.

Davis, Robert - s/o Zina & ? - does general work

Davis, William - s/o Zina & ? - cook - lives East Eddington

Davis, Etta - d/o Zina & ? - married a Knowlton

Dean, Fred C. - merchant on Main St. - h/o Annie Sprague

Dean, Annie D. - w/o Fred Dean - d/o Sprague

Dean, Arthur F. - s/o Fred & Annie - pupil

Dean, George F. - s/o Fred & Annie

Dotten, Robert J. - teamster - Main St. - h/o Addie Silver

Dotten, Addie M. - w/o Robert - d/o Silver

Dotten, John A. - s/o Robert & Addie - engineer

Dotten, William - s/o Robert & Addie - fireman

Dotten, Elsie - d/o Robert & Addie - pupil

Dow, Billings - sea Capt. - Main St. - h/o Alta Greenlaw

Dow, Alta - w/o Billings - d/o Greenlaw

Dow, Lydia (Hardy) - Main St. - widow of Capt. Amos Fulton Dow (buried Greenwood, Oceanville)

Dow, Charles - s/o Lydia & Capt. Amos F. Dow

Dow, Billings - s/o Lydia & Capt. Amos F. Dow

Dow, Callie - d/o Lydia & Capt. Amos F. Dow - married a Weed

Dow, Ernest - s/o Lydia & Capt. Amos F. Dow - cook

Dow, Emma - d/o Lydia & Capt. Amos F. Dow - student

Dow, Leslie - s/o Lydia & Capt. Amos F. Dow - pupil

Dow, Simeon L. - general work - Highland Ave. - h/o Julia Stinson

Dow, Julia P - w/o Simeon Dow - d/o Stinson

Dow, Elmer P. - s/o Simeon & Julia - pupil

Dow, Leroy - s/o Simeon & Julia - pupil

Dow, Lawrence A. - s/o Simeon & Julia

Dow, Cecile C. - d/o Simeon & Julia

Duke, George - sea capt. - Main St.

Duke, Lizzie G. - w/o Capt George - previously married to a Gross - maiden name Eaton or Hart

Duke, Melvin - stonecutter - s/o George & Lizzie Duke

Duke, John E. - sea Capt. - s/o George & Lizzie Duke

Duke, George M. - stone cutter & fisherman - Main St.

Duke, Viola M. - w/o George M. - d/o Colby

Duke, Llewellyn J. - pupil - s/o George M. & Viola M.

Duke, George M. - pupil - s/o George M. & Viola M.

Duke, Cecil F. - pupil - s/o George M. & Viola M.

Duke, Christine L. - pupil - d/o George M. & Viola M.

Duke, John E. - sea Capt. - (see above) -

Duke, Blanche L. - w/o Capt. John Duke - d/o Stockbridge

Duke, Mildred B. - d/o John & Blanche

Duke, Dorothy E. - d/o John & Blanche

Dunham, Augustus - quarryman - Main St.

Dunham, Aldana - w/o Augustus - d/o Dunham - Leighton

Dunham, Maynard - pupil - s/o Augustus & Aldana

Dunham, Edwin A. - fisherman - West Stonington Rd.

Dunham, Blanche M. - w/o Edwin - d/o Stanley

Dunham, Almon S. - fisherman - s/o Edwin & Blanche - married Loanie Eaton

Dunham, Eugene F. - pupil - s/o Edwin & Blanche - fisherman - married Bessie Fifield

Dunham, Calvin W. - at home - s/o Edwin & Blanche - would be a fisherman - married Nellie Eaton

Dunham, Irena (Petty) - Main St.

Dunham, Delia E. - d/o Irena - she married a Hutchinson

Dunham, Flora L. - d/o Irena - she married a Smith

Dunham, Stephen, Sr. - fisherman - West Stonington Rd.

Dunham, Lydia - w/o Stephen - d/o Allen

Dunham, Stephen Jr. - s/o Stephen Sr. & Lydia - fisherman on Swan’s Island

Dunham, Susan E. - d/o Stephen Sr. & Lydia - married a Sylvester in Deer Isle

Dunham, L. Lona - d/o Stephen Sr. & Lydia - married a Knowlton

Dunham, Edwin A. - see above

Dunham, Abbie A. - d/o Stephen Sr. & Lydia - married an Eaton from Deer Isle

Eaton, Bertha M. - housekeeper - School St.

Eaton, Calvin A. - fisherman, East Ave. Wife, Effie M. (Sellers) & dau. Celia M.

Eaton, Charity (Ames) East Ave. Widow of Thomas H. Eaton. Children: Henry R., Emery F., Calvin A. and Cornelia (married Otis Shepard).

Eaton, Charles F. - merchant, School St. - Wife, Lois (Sargent). Children: Nellie F., teacher Somerville, MA, Ray E., sales in Rockland.

Eaton, Eben W. - merchant, Oakland Ave. Wife, Margaret C. (Knowlton)

Eaton, Edward M. - fisherman, School St.

Eaton, Emery F. - blacksmith, Cross Rd. - Wife Nora (Carter) - Children: Geneva E., Lela M.

Eaton, Henry R. - fisherman & quarry foreman, East Ave., wife, Ada E. (Bray). Children : Dennis M., Leona, Linnie M.

Eaton, Herman - stone cutter, Main St., children: Ada F. (Weed) Mary T., postal clerk.

Eaton, Israel - merchant, Main St., wife, Ida M. (Gross). Children: Ralph L., Roy C.

Eaton, John D. - retired merchant, Main St., wife, Lillian J. (Greenlaw)

Eaton, Joseph F. - carpenter & boat builder - Highland Ave. - wife, Sarah (Kane)

Eaton, Lewis A. - mariner, School St.

Eaton, Lizzie G. - (married a Gross) children: Cora (at home), Maggie (married to a Howard, Oracoke, NC).

Eaton, Martha A. - (married a Candage) Main St. Children: Nellie (married a Walker, Rockland) Emma (married an Anderson), John (a mariner, lives Rockland) Samuel, a cook in Portland, and Warren, a mariner.

Eaton, Philenia (married a Gross). Children: Peter (fisherman & farmer, Deer Isle), Sarah (Greenlaw), George (ret’d quarry supt.), Israel, a merchant.

Emerson, Frank, quarryman, Crotch Island. Wife, Nellie (Morse). Children: Maurice, Levi, Blanche & Ernest.

Ferrell, John J. - stonecutter, (non-resident, Bremerton, WA.) Ferrell St. - Wife, Annie - dau. Lillian, stu.

Fielding, Deborah F. (Small).

Fielding, Edward M. - husband (or son) of Deborah. Laundry business in Dorchester, MA.

Fifield, Abbie W. - at home in West Stonington.

Fifield, A. L., fisherman - Fifield Pt. - wife, Mattie C. (Thompson). Children: (all students) Florence G., Russell H., and Norman L.

Fifield, Alonzo - farmer, Fifield Pt.

Fifield, Avery F. - fisherman, W. Stonington - wife, Elizabeth S. (Small). Children: Frank L., carpenter Malden, MA, Sylvanus H., fisherman, Roswell L., fisherman, Wm. S., carpenter, Melrose, MA, Annie M. (Belleden) lives Malden, MA.

Fifield, Charles, painter. Church St. - wife, Alice (Orcutt). Children: students, Galen & Bessie -- Muriel, Charles & Kathleen.

Fifield, Daniel M. - farmer, W. Stonington. Wife, Bertha E. (Hamblen). Children: all students - Alvin R., Douglas S., Thomas W., Carolyn A., Ruth & Hester M.

Fifield, David W. - fisherman, Fifield Pt., Wife, Ninetta J. (Bryant). Children: (all students) Elvira P., Silva & Gertrude L.

Fifield, Dudley W. - farmer, W. Stonington. Wife, Lizzie W. (Webb)

Fifield, Joseph - farmer, W. Stonington. Wife, Kate (Horton). Children: Marion (Clark) lives Castine, Octavia (Moore) lives Liverpool, England, Tilden, Edith (Apraham). She lives W. Suffield, CT

Fifield, Mrs Lillian M., merchant, Main St. - children: (both students) Arthur L. W. & Dorothy L.

Fifield, Mrs Mary A. - W. Stonington. Children: George H. (clerk in Brewer) Bessie L. (Horton), W. A. (clerk in Rockland) Grace T., milliner, Charles H., painter, Susan E. (Cousins).

Fifield, Oscar W., fisherman, West Stonington

Fifield, Roy E., clerk, Main St. Wife, Lida (Brown)

Fifield, Mrs Sarah T., West Stonington. Children: Annie E. (Moore) lives Prospect Hbr., Angie T. (Young) lives Chelsea, MA & Carrie A., teacher in Chelsea, MA.

Fifield, Sylvanus, farmer & fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Leona (Joyce): Children: Mildred E. (Blood) Joyce (deceased), Delmont J.

Fifield, Tilden J., fisherman, Fifield Pt. Wife, Stella (Gray). Children: Allen W. & Maurice - both students and Robert T.

Flye, O. G. steamboat service, Highland Ave. Wife, Margaret (Barter). Children: Gleason, chauffeur, Jessie, waitress (later married Don Gross, Oceanville.).

Freedman, Samuel - merchant - Main St. - Wife, Annie (Levy).

Freedman, Simon - merchant - Main St. - Wife, Lena (Cohen). Children: Samuel, merchant, Dora, at home, Flora, Israel & Harry, students. Sadie R., Maurice M. and Henry S.

Freethy, Laura E. (married a Gross), Armena (married a Cousins, lives Penobscot).

Frink, Ada (Babbidge), Main St.

Gamble, James - paving cutter - Main St.

Gardner, Burpee C. - fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Clara (Gross). Children: Herbert, student. Lucy M.

Gardner, Richard C. - retired merchant, Main St. Wife: Hannah (Gomes). Children: Burpee C., Josephine E. (Sellers) Shadie E., student.

Geyer, T. S., merchant, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife: Clara R. (Morgan).

Gilley, Clayton E. clerk, School St. Wife: Augusta M. (Grindle). Children: Rudolph H., student.

Goodwin, George, blacksmith, Church St. Wife: Maria (Bragdon-Orcutt). Children: George, mariner.

Goss, J. G. retired, Main St. - Wife: Eliza C. (Bell-Brown). Children: John L., quarry owner, Lillian M. (Flye) lives Dorchester, MA, William H., quarry Supt., Simeon H., merchant.

Goss, Samuel W. marine broker, Main St. Wife : Violet (Small-Small)

Goss, Simeon, Merchant, Crotch Island. Wife: Blanche (Sellers)

Goss, Simeon H., merchant Main St. Wife: Annie M. Young. Children : Alda Estelle, student

Goss, William H. quarry Supt. Main St. - wife : Lucy (Haskell). Children: Minot, electrician, Lynn, Ma.,

Gott, E. A. Sea Capt. West Stonington, Wife: ?, Children: Martha (Colby) lives Bucksport, Mellie F. (Johnson) lives Boston, George F., stableman in Otter Creek, Eben A. Jr., Sea Capt., Beatrice (Thurston) Daisy, lives Bucksport.

Gott, Ezra, farmer, West Stonington. Wife: Lucette H. (Barbour-Kinney) children, Joseph, merchant.

Gott, J. A. (same as above) merchant, Main St. Wife: Grace F. (Webber- Seavey). Children: Carl S., student.

Gott, Raymond T. teamster, W. Stonington

Grant, Ephraim, stonecutter, School St. Wife, Judith (Gross). Children: Albert H. (quarry), Mabel M. (married a Thompson, lives Fitzwilliam, NH.

Grava, Antonio, quarry foreman, Off Main St. Wife, Amabile (Breda) Children: Angelina & Maria

Grava, Joseph, quarryman, Crotch Island. Wife, Victoria (Breda). Child : Adele, Student

Gray, Abner H., mariner, Highland Ave. Wife, Comfort (Sellers). Children: T. S. Lewis, James W. & Astbery A. - all students

Gray, Elizabeth (Cousins) Oceanville. Children: Laura E. (Gross) Lelia J. (Gross).

Gray, Harlan L., quarryman. West Rd. Wife, Helen H. Brown. Children: Maynard, fisherman. Georgia F., at home. Hazel B. student.

Gray, Harry W. yacht Capt., East Ave. Wife, Cora E. (Stinson)

Gray, Hollis, quarry foreman. Tea Hill. Wife, Eva S. (Candage). Children: Clifford E, stu., Doris E. stu.

Gray, James H. sea Capt. Highland Ave. wife, Harriet (Powers). Children: Abner H., mariner. Peter P., mariner. J. Lyman, mariner & quarryman. Lives Gouldsboro, Stephen G., fisherman.

Gray, Peter P., mariner. Highland Ave. Wife, Gertrude (Young)

Gray, Stephen G., fisherman, Highland Ave. Wife, Minnie (Dow). Children: Stephen G. Jr., Mary D.

Green, Lettie E. (married a Candage). Children: Helen G., waitress in N. E. Harbor.

Greene, Stephen W. fisherman, Crescent Ave. Children: Susie A. (Denneen) lives Atlantic, MA. Lida G. (Wicks) lives Providence, R. I.

Greene, Sullivan, truckman, off Main St. Wife, Amanda R. (Tyler). Children: Lillian M. (Sylvester), Carlotta D. stenographer (would marry Charles Brimigion)

Greenlaw, Alfred B., stonecutter, Oceanville. Wife, Helen (Molden). Children: Earl D.

Greenlaw, Arletta M. (Crockett). Children: Dana E., student.

Greenlaw, Jeremiah, fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Sarah H. (Eaton). Children: Blanche F. (Bye) Deer Isle, Vannie L. (Pierce), Deer Isle, Howard A. yachtsman, Sadie M., at home.

Greenlaw, Joseph A., yacht steward, Oceanville. Wife, Eva S. (Greenlaw). Children: Maurice W. student. Lillian M., at home.

Greenlaw, Leroy H. yachtsman, Oceanville. Wife, Stella B. (Powers). Children: Lawrence P.

Greenlaw, Mary A. (McCoy) Oceanville. Children: Florence (Stinson), Roxanna (Conary), Brooklin, George, fisherman, Etta (Stanley), Swans Island. Alice (Paris-Rich) Camden, Carrie (Damon), Lillian (Eaton) Alfred B., stonecutter, Eva (Greenlaw) Frances, at home, Cornelius, gen’l work

Greenlaw, Matilda L. (Colomy) Oceanville. Children: Ruby E. (Chapman) E. Somerville, Mass.

Greenlaw, Thomas A. farmer & fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Susan (Hatch). Children: Mattie F. (Nutt), E. Evelyn (Woodbury) Ipswich, MA, Elsie M. (Manning) Rockport, Margaret (Fifield) Rockland.

Greenlaw, William B. stonecutter, School St. Wife, Barbara (Leach). Children: Elmer G., student.

Grindle, Elwood E. merchant, School St. - business on Main St. Wife, Emma P. Lymeburner. Children: Nora (Simpson) Augusta (Gilley) & Agatha C. (Cousins).

Grindle, Laura, student.

Gross, Alonzo, fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Alice (Greenlaw) Children: Georgia, Student, Willis H.

Gross, Augustus, fisherman, Oceanville. Children: James, fisherman. Maud (Dow) lives Boston. Winnie, at home. Thomas, engineer. Sanford, yachtsman. Rena, at home. Sterling, student.

Gross, Caroline H. (Hamblen) West St. Children: Alfaratta (Rich) Isle au Haut, Daniel A., blacksmith, Vinal Haven, Lucinda T. (Gerrish) Vinal Haven, Hattie A. (McGuffie), Henry M., fisherman, Maggie F., clerk, Walter H., blacksmith

Gross, Cornelius, fishing, O’ville. Wife, Dora B. (Carman). Children: Eleanor (Trundy) Clara (Gardner)

Gross, Edward G., Sea Capt., Oceanville.

Gross, Edwin, fisherman, West St. Wife, Bertha A. (Petty). Children: Llewellyn, fisherman, Albert, fisherman, James, student.

Gross, Emma R. (Wescott) Children: Iva L., at home, Asenath A. (Hagget)

Gross, Everett, fisherman, West St. Wife, Helen (Rice). Children: Alton H., student

Gross, Francis C. yacht Capt., Oceanville. Wife, Lucy E. (Lane). Children: Margaret E., Doris L.

Gross, Fred T., fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Lillian A. (Webb). Children: Stuart L., student.

Gross, George, fisherman, Main St. Wife, Addie (Carter-Terrey). Children: Edward, quarry worker.

Gross, George F., fisherman, West St. Wife, Helen M. (Webb). Children: Edwin, fisherman, Everett, fisherman, Lawrence B. yacht Capt., New London, CT, Seth W. yacht Capt., Brooklyn, NY, Minerva (Vennie) Red Granite, WI.

Gross, Iva L. at home, Ocean View.

Gross, Jason G. fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Susie C. (Davis). Children:Frank R., Virginia M.

Gross, John H. fisherman, O’ville. Wife, ClaraM. (Gross). Children: Lester M., fisherman, Leroy C. yachtsman, Shirley B., yachtsman, Donald L., stu., Edna M. stu., Elwood E., stu.

Gross, Jordan J. fisherman, West St. Wife, Nellie L. (Dow). Children: Thomas, watchman, Roscoe D., fisherman, Katie, stu., Amos L., stu., John H. stu., Rulie

Gross, Philenia (Gross-Eaton). Children: Rebecca (Annis) Swanzy, fisherman, Whitfield, fisherman, Jennie (Harvey, lives Rockland

Gross, Raymond C. yachtsman, Oceanville. Wife, Nina J. (Lane). Children: Kenneth C., Gilbert W.

Gross, Sewell, general work, Oceanville. Children: Lyman M., yacht Capt., Lorenzo T., fisherman, Jason G., fisherman, Edward G., fisherman, Oscar M. general work.

Gross, Solomon, fisherman, Oceanville. Children: Damon, Alva, Forest, all fishermen

Gross, Swansy, fisherman & farmer, Oceanville. Wife, Lelia J. (Gray). Children: Amy L. (Grindle), Blue Hill, Flossie M., at home.

Gross, Thaddeus, fisherman, Oceanville. Children: Francis C. & Ray C., yacht Capt’s. Fred O., fisherman

Gross, Whitfield, fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Laura E. (Gray-Freethy). Children: Arvilla T., student.

Gross, William N., fisherman, West St. Wife, Ella (Dunham). Children: Richard, seaman, Ambrose.

Hamblen, Mrs. Carolyn, West St. Children: Jesse and W. Alvernum, stonecutters, Bertha E. (Fifield).

Hamblen, Edmund, farmer, Main St.

Hamblen, E. E., yacht Capt. Wife, Clara (Fifield) Children: Evelyn, tel. op., Rexford P., student.

Hamblen, James I., paving cutter, West St. Wife, Lizzie A. (Sellers). Children: Ira P., engr., Edna R. stu.

Hamblen, Jesse, stone cutter, West St. Wife, Alice J. (Eaton). Children: Eliz. E. (Hanford) Boston, MA, Maud E. clerk, Boston. Janette L. (Bailey) Everett, MA, George K., stone cutter., Mary F. (Weldon) Everett, MA, Winifred E., Boston, Bernice T., Margaret A., Iris V., students

Hamblen, L. Fausta (Lufkin) Sea Breeze Ave. Child: Clara B. business college.

Hamblen, Mrs Mercy H., Ocean View. Children: Ardelle (McKenzie), Bertha (Maxfield) Lone Cove, ME, Carrie (Gray) Deer Isle, Emma (Wescott), Edgecomb

Hamblen, W. A., stone cutter, Main St.

Hanscom, clergy, Main St. Wife, Carrie E. (Bird). Children: Warren D., Sylvanus L., Clinton B., Albert P., all students and Elsie P., at home.

Harman, Joseph C., Sea Breeze Ave., lobster dealer & motor boats; at one time he was representative to Maine State Legislature. Wife, Viola M. Hatch. Children: Montelle A., Vera M., both students.

Harriman, Dearborn, quarryman, School St. Wife, Edith (Pressey). Children: Carrie L., at home. Katherine, at home. Levonia, Mabel and Adeline, students.

Harrington, Alice B. (Stinson) Oceanville Rd. Child: Jesse H.

Harrington, Ralph, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Arvilla S. (Nutt). Child: Eugenia M.

Hart, Walter G., quarryman, West St. Wife, Millie N. (Hamblen). Children: Leon M. quarryman, Fulton E. & Wilda K., students.

Haskell, Daniel, quarryman, School St. Wife, Kathrine (Eaton). Children: John E., Maud E. (Conary) Hurricane Island., Charles L. quarryman, Theo A., engr, Etta M. (Wood)

Haskell, Freeman C. fisherman, Tea Hill. Wife, Mary J. (Billings-Knowlton). Children: Elroy, Leroy and Christie, all students.

Haskell, Julia H. (married a Thurlow), Atlantic Ave. Child: Theodore D., clerk.

Haskell, Leonora C. (Stinson) Main St. Children: Harry G., printer, Marblehead, MA, Eugene R., news agent, Portland.

Haskell, Lillian, at home.

Hatch, Alliston, fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Gertrude (Gross). Child: Robert, student.

Hatch, Mrs. Eliza J. (Saunders) Oceanville. Children: Bertha, dressmaker, Malden, Ma., Lucy S. (Webb) Winfield, expressman, Malden, MA.

Hatch, George B., fisherman and yachting, Oceanville. Wife, Freda L. (Head).

Hatch, Hannah M. (Joyce), Oceanville. Children: Alice M. (Small) George B.

Hatch, William B., fisherman & farmer, Oceanville. Wife, Minnie E. (Buckminster). Children: Alliston M., Viola M. (Harman), Everett S., fisherman, Maud (Cousins), Nellie P. (Webb).

Hichardson, Timothy, general work, Oceanville. Wife, Rose (Adams). Children: Herman L., Archibald and Louise M.

Hinckley, Elsie (Candage - MacDonald). Child: Geneva Adelaide

Hodgkins, Anne E. (Parker) Oceanview.

Hodgkins, Mary A. (Nevells). Children: Ernest G., tel. op., Costigan, Me., Alice B. (Robbins), Agnes R. (Rollins), Guilfo Rd.

Holden, Melissa (Cousins) School St. Child: Amasa A., teacher, Woonsocket, R. I.

Holland, Mathias, gen’l work, Main St. Wife, Rebecca (Childs). Children: James E., fisherman, Isle au Haut, Maggie J. Hutchinson, Minnie M. (Hamilton) Isle au Haut, Sarah F. (Gross) Isle au Haut, Josie (Palmer) Boston, Martha C. (Hamilton) Isle au Haut.

Horton, Margaret A. (Kirby) West St. Children: Thomas B., Augusta. William W. yacht Capt., Bristol, George E. yacht Capt., Rockland.

Hutchins, Ida, Crotch Island, student.

Hutchins, James G. physican / surgeon, Main St. Wife, Isabelle M. (Sawyer) Child: Florence C.

Hutchinson, Alvernon, fisherman, Oceanview. Wife, Maggie J. (Holland). Child: Myrtle E.

Hutchinson, Earl R. fisherman, Main St. Wife, Alice M. (Smith). Child: Harold L.

Hutchinson, James A., quarryman, East Ave. Wife, Hannah M. (Eaton). Children: Mabel, Vivian, R., Newell E.

Hutchinson, John, fisherman, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Lorinda H. (Weed). Child: Elzetta

Hutchinson, Thomas H., fisherman, West St. Wife, Delia E. (Gross). Children: Nettie E., clerk, Leslie, fisherman, Phenie M., student.

Hutchinson, Wm, fisherman, Main St., Wife, Barbara (Robbins). Children : Timothy, Albert, Harry & Wm., all fishermen. Naaman, mariner., Emma (Sellers) Deer Isle & Mary (Pearson).

Johnson, Edward H., fisherman, West St. Wife, Carrie L. (Knight). Children: Lucy H. (Williams), Ralph L., fisherman.

Jones, Harvey, gen’l work, West St.

Jones, Robert, quarryman, Main St., Wife, Kate (Robbins). Children: Robert & William, students.

Jordan, John H., stone cutter, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Gertrude (Taylor).

Jordan, Sabin E., stone cutter, West St. Wife, Lucy (Brown). Child: Helen F.

Joyce, Alfred J. carpenter/farmer. Wife, S. Elizabeth (Hatch). Children: Alfred M., Grace E. (Herrick) Brooklin. Leona (Fifield). Winfred, yachting. Frank C., Malden, MA. Eugene, barber & Vesta R., at home.

Joyce, Eugene, barber, Oceanville. Wife, Viva (Gross). Children: Beulah, student. Percy, Wendall

Joyce, Fred O. tailor, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Anniebelle (Young) dressmaker. Children: J. Delmont, student.

Joyce, John, stonecutter

Joyce, Stillman, stonecutter, Main St. Wife, Louise. Child: Stillman A., Jr.

Judkins, Frank, blacksmith, Cross Road. Wife, Stella (Tarbox). Children: Leonard E., David.

Judkins, George A., gen’l work, North St. Wife, Myrtle E. (Stanley). Child: Dorothy M.

Judkins, Guy A., stevedore, West St. Wife, Hattie M. (Barter) Child: Herbert D., student

Judkins, John E., farmer, Cross Rd.

Judkins, Joseph H., merchant, Cross Rd. Wife, Margaret W. (Knowlton). Children: Richard W., painter Lewis R., farmer, Deer Isle.

Judkins, Richard W., painter, North St. Wife, Livonia G. (Stinson). Child: Elizabeth K. (Stanley).

Judkins, Samuel, Sea Capt., Cross Rd., Wife, Maria (Crockett). Children: Ruel, carpenter, Frank, blk. Isaac & Charles, traveling salesmen. Sadie (Alexander) North Haven. Leonard, clerk, NYC.

Judkins, Sarah, Cross Rd.

Knight, John E. carpenter, North St. Wife, Etta (Young). Child: Willard, carpenter.

Knight, Willard, carpenter, wife, Ina C. (Buckminster). Child: Emery A.

Knowles, Matilda F. (Small). School Supt. & teacher. Husband, Jonathan Knowles, Jr.

Knowlton, Charles, gen’l work, Tea Hill. Wife, Nettie (Eaton)

Knowlton, Charles L., fisherman, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Lydia L. (Dunham). Children: Arthur. mach., Ptld., Grace L. (Scott) Portland, Blanche (Spofford) Ptld., Edwin A., boat capt.

Knowlton, Cynthia B. (Davis) Tea Hill. Children: Laura (Eaton) Damariscotta Mills, John B., farmer. A. Frances (Stemsky) Beechmont, MA, Helen P. (Thurston) Ptld, Eliz. J. (Day) Fitchburg, MA. George H., merchant, Cynthia (Eaton), May G. (Turner)

Knowlton, Edwin A., quarry boat Capt., Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Esther A. (Burns) Child: Chadbourne R.

Knowlton, Eliz. W. (Warren) Tea Hill. Children: Margaret (Judkins), Phoebe (Thurston).

Knowlton, George H., merchant & sea Capt., Tea Hill. Wife, Etta M. (Davis). Children: Beatrice M., stu. Ralph C., student.

Knowlton, John, blksmith, Tea Hill. Wife, Stella L. (Carter). Children: Tilden, quarry & storekeeper, Edith L., Margaret W., rest are students — Merrill, Ethney, Clara, Everett, Louisa, Evelyn

Knowlton, John B., farmer, Tea Hill. Wife, Sadie B. (Barrett). Children: Lillian, student, Sherman.

Knowlton, Mary J. (Haskell). Children: Albert H. & Raymond T. both bookkeepers in Los Angeles. Ethel F. at home, Cecil N., bookkeeper in Boston, Florence E., student.

Knowlton, Simon S. tool sharpener, Sea Breeze Ave. Children: Alexander, gen’l work, Susie, lives Camden. Benjamin, Abbie & Alton are students.

Knowlton, William, marine engineer, School St. Wife, Eva (Mills). Children: H. Ruth, Harold B. & Priscilla E., students.

Lamson, Fred I., merchant, School St. Wife, Florence(Noyes). Children: Lucile A. & Esther N. are students. — Jean E, Grace L., at home.

Lane, Mary E. (Joyce) Oceanville. Children: Alice M., teacher. Lucy E. (Gross) Nina J. (Gross).

Leali, Joseph, quarry.

Leighton, Aldana (Dunham) Main St. Children: Eva, at home. Linnie, student

Libby, Arthur W., fisherman. Wife, Annie(Small). Children: Hazel E., William J., Frank A. & Lucy A. All students.

Love, John, paving cutter, Off Main St. Wife, Christina C. (McPhail). Children: Flora (Thom) Christina (Racliff) Ash Pt., John J., Ins. agt., Burlington, Vt.

Lufkin, Seth, factory supt., Oceanville. Wife, Gertrude (Clark). Children : Charlotte A., teacher. Leonidas H., Gladys & Cecil E., all students.

MacDonald, Neil, fireman, Highland Ave. Wife, Elsie (Candage-Hinckley)

Magno, Mineo, stonecutter, East Ave. Wife, Louisa (Deminico). Children: Camillia (Angeles), Ida, Frank, Carmino, Josie, all students. Florine, Fuore, Ritsa, Raymond.

Malin, Albert, rigger, off Main St. Wife, Esther (Qvistback - Anderson).

Manter, Lydia E. (Green - Emerson) Ocean St. Child: Maude (Allen).

Marks, George E. blacksmith, Off Main St. Wife, Lillie A. (Binder). Children: Irene C. stenog., Flora L. student.

Marr, George P. stonecutter, Main St.

Marsh, Harry, machinist, Main St. Wife, Carrie. Children: Phylis, stu., Harriet, Ethel.

Masa, Austila, quarryman, Oceanville. Wife, Antoinette (Frederichi). Children: Alba & Mary

Mathews, Daisy (Sellers-West). Children: Charles E., student & Alva F.

Mathews, Mrs Elizabeth, West St. Children: Louis, quarryman, Ellen(Robbins) Hattie (Martin) Jennie (Merithew) Marshall’s Island. Addie (Sullivan) Eastport. Vinnie(Downes) Frankfort Benjamin, const. foreman, Providence, R. I., Willard, quarryman.

Maxwell, Joshua II teamster & mailman, Main St. Wife, Hannah R. (Leavitt).

McCauley, Floriston, mariner. Deer Isle Rd. Wife, Emily (Stinson). Children: Willard, quarryman, Harold, Leslie & Ansie, all students.

McCauley, Larkey, quarryman, North St. Wife, Ella (Weed). Children: Elmer, quarry. Katie, at home. Lawrence, Student.

McDonald, Billings, yachtsman, Oceanville. Wife, Edith (Davis). Children: Lawrence, yachtsman. Linnie, at home. Noyce, student, Forest, student, Charles & Edith.

McDonald, Stephen A., merchant, Main St. Wife, Carrie L. (Bridges).

McDonald, Susan H., Main St.

McGuffie, James, paving cutter, West St. Wife, Hattie A. (Gross). Children: Robert, G. fisherman, Donald, U of M student.

McGuire, Frank, quarry supt., Oceanville Rd. Wife, Annie (Becot). Children: Mary A., Francis S., Robert J.

McKenzie, William, quarry supt. School St. Wife, Abbie A. (Stinson). Children: Mary H., teacher. Annie A. & Edna H. students.

McNevin, John A., quarryman. Wife, Nellie (Sellers).

Meinaed, G. baker, Main St. Wife, Mary(Sostanti). Child, John, student.

Merchant, John G., Camp Island. Wife, Betsey (Harvey). Children: Hattie, student, Eva, factory.

Merchant, John S. mariner. Burnt Cove Rd. Wife, Nora F. (Pooler). Children: Gregory & Myra L. students. Nora F., at home.

Merithew, Blanche, West St.

Merithew, George, fisherman, Greenhead. Wife, Eliza (Weed). Child: Lucina.

Merithew, Lucretia (Robbins). Children: George, fisherman, Bertha (Webber) Portland, Blanche M., at home. Carrie L. (Morey). Emma, at home. Floyd, quarryman.

Merrill, Addie (Darling) School St. Child: Alice M., seamstress.

Merrill, Edna E. (Smith) Oceanview St. Child: Eugene F. student.

Mills, Margaret A. (Hamblen) West Stgtn. Children: Oliver B., real estate agt., Boston. Myra F., at home, Sumner P. lawyer, Alice M. (Stanley) Brockton, MA.

Mills, Sumner P., Attorney, Main St. Wife, Flora A (Pearson). Children: Wm. B. & Virginia.

Milne, Alexander, paving cutter. Wife, Louisa M. (Barbour-Colby). Children: Maryial C. C. & Albert K.

Monteith, Abbie, at home, Highland Ave.

Moon, C. P., quarry supt., Green head. Wife, Elizabeth (Lombard): Child: Donald L., student.

Moore, Alice B. (Robbins). Children: Ernest, at home, Shirley A., student.

Morey, Hiram L., stone cutter foreman, School St. Wife, Carrie L. (Merrill). Children:Harold P., engr, Carl G. engr, John H., A. Myrtle & Lena. All three students

Morey, James E., fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Nellie (Trundy). Child: Katherine M., student.

Morris, David C. paving cutter, Main St.

Morse, Edson L. fisherman, Oceanview. Wife, Addie F. (Merithew). Children: Nellie (Emerson) Blanche (Stinson).

Mullen, Frank V., engr, Highland Ave. Wife, Carrie F. Sellers. Children: Lester E., Thelma E., both students.

Murphy, Bertha (Curtis) - deceased. Children: Earl & Ruth, both students.

Murphy, John E., stone cutter, West Stgtn. Wife, Elizabeth C. (Stewart). Children: Winifred S., Earl E. & Constant; all three are students. Dorothy G., at home.

Nevells, Luther S., quarry foreman, Cross Rd. Wife, Mabel L. (Gott). Children: Helen M., Albert M., Agnes M. & Luther I. - all 4 are students.

Nevells, James A. stonecutter. Wife, Mary A. (Crabtree-Hodgkins). Children: Forest N., stonecutter. Clifford, mariner. Fossie G., student.

Nobile, Alex, Engr. Granite St. Wife, Mary (Leali).

Noyes, B. Lake, phys. & surg., Main St. Wife, Linnie (Howard). Children : George Howard, stu., Natalie P., at home.

Noyes, D. Jewett, druggist, Main St. Wife, Leonora (Webb). Children: Reginald W., student, Helen L., at home

Noyes, George B. Phys & surg, Main St. Wife, Sarah E. (Lake). Children: Benj. Lake, phys & surg., David J. druggist., Abbie V. (Thompkins) Lithcow, NY, Florence M. (Lamson) George B., lumber mill bus., Orneville, ME, Galen C. mill op., Orneville, ME.

Nutt, J. A. cook, Main St. Wife, Mattie F. Greenlaw. Children: Arvilla (Harrington) Ralph, Margaret, Hazel & Susan. All students. Alma, at home.

Olsen, Alfred, stone mason. Highland Ave.

Orcutt, Maria (Goodwin), Church St. Children: Eugene, blacksmith, Franklin. Galen, mill work, Franklin. Alice (Fifield).

Ott, Leslie, mariner, School St. Child: Evie L., student.

Ott, William J., teamster, School St. Wife, Emma (Gray). Child: Leslie L., mariner.

Pelecelli, Dante quarryman. Wife, Marie (Scarletti). Children: Nell, Domanico, Artellia, all students. Zelia, at home.

Pendleton, John W. stone cutter, Main St.

Perry, Ephraim, mariner, Main St. Wife, Hattie W. (Gray) Children: Francis, fisherman, William, quarryman, Arthur, quarryman.

Perry, Henry, stonecutter. Highland Ave. Wife, Beatrice (Powers). Children: Donald, student. Manuel & Isabel. at home.

Perkins, H. L. paving cutter, Highland Ave. Children: Zida (Young) Bertha C., Charles H. & Anna, all 3 students. Marguerite, at home.

Petro, Carlo, stone cutter, Burnt Cove Rd. Wife, Flavilla (Tasa). Children: Joseph, quarry. Levo & Mary, students.

Piera, Ferara, quarryman, Oceanville Rd. Wife, Giusepina (Tessari). Child: Jesuit.

Pierson, Charles K., Blacksmith, Ocean St. Wife, Mary (Hutchinson). Child: Genie A., student.

Pinkham, Clara A. (Thomas) Oceanville. Children: Cora (Robbins) Nellie E. (Green) Deer Isle. William B. quarryman.

Plunkett, J. P., Acct, Church St. Wife, Rose M. (Kelley). Children: James & Isabelle, students. Robert & Richard, at home.

Pooler, Gregory, general work, West St. Wife, Sarah F. (Childs). Children: Elnora (Merchant), Myron F., quarryman

Pressey, Lawrence, quarryman. Wife, Lizzie (Trefetheren). Child: Llewellyn K., student.

Prudella, Paul, stone cutter, Oceanville Rd. Wife, Angella (Bianki). Children: Peter, student, Lena, at home.

Redman, George W., merchant, Main St. Children: George F. book keeper, Brookline, MA, Sophronie E. (Spofford) John W., USMC, Key West, FL, Margaret P., at home. Archibald E. & Theodore R., students.

Reid, John quarryman, Oceanview St. Wife, Lizzie E. (Leavitt) Frank M. & Estella B., students.

Richardson, Amos, farmer, Tea Hill. Wife, Adelaide (Tracy). Child: Elroy, farmer, Bucksport.

Richardson, W. H. quarryman, Highland Ave. Wife, Annie (Monteith). Child: Sadie, student.

Robbins, Abbie (Robbins) off Main St. Children: Naaman, clerk & Charles, mariner.

Robbins, Charles E. quarryman, East Ave. Wife, Sarah A. (Burke)

Robbins, C. W., sea capt., Main St. Wife, Elizabeth (Marsh). Children: Carrie A., Alton L., Corice E., All 3 are students. Geneva M., at home.

Robbins, Daniel, mariner, Burnt Cove Rd. Wife, Ida A. (Eaton). Children: Vesta E., student. Lena B. & Daniel, are at home.

Robbins, Frank H., Eng’r, off Main St. Wife, Cora L. (Pinkham). Children: Lydia M., student. Kenneth E. & Austin G., both at home.

Robbins, George, Sea capt., Green head. Wife, Annie(Merchant). Child: Linnie (Willard) Boston.

Robbins, Hannah (Black) Main St. C’dren: Sam’l, John I., Elisha, Jos., Dan’l, Hezekiah, all mariners.

Robbins, Hezekiah, mariner, Green Head. Wife, Annie (Robbins). Child: Martha A., student.

Robbins, James, farmer & carpenter, West St. Wife, Sarah A. (Carter). Children: Myrtle A., Flora M., Marion A., all 3 students. Amelia L. at home.

Robbins, Jean (Candage). Child : Madeline.

Robbins, J. H. quarry foreman, Off Main St. Wife, Abbie (Small). Children: Frank H., eng’r, Bert S. carpenter, Boston, Edith E. (Williams) Katie G. (Jones) Newell M., teamster, Randall, R. millman, Luella C., student.

Robbins, Lydia W. (Perry) Wst’n Ave. Children: Almidia (Hall) Vinal Haven., Franklin, mariner, Hiram, gen’l lbr, Rkport, Otis S., gen’l lbr, Rkport, Cora (Young), Ellen (Dodge) R’kld. Charles, gen’l lbr.

Robbins, Stephen M. sea Capt. East Ave. Wife, Alice B. (Hodgkins - Moore)

Robbins, Timothy L., quarryman, Green Head. Wife, Ellen C. (Mathews-Candage). Children: Stinson M., at home, Harold L., Stella E., Christina E., all 3 are students. Lella M., at home. Willard L., at home.

Robinson, John, sea Capt. Main St. Wife, Nellie (Rich).

Robinson, R. C. fisherman, Main St. Wife, Ida (Barter). Children: Nina E. (Tracy) Wilbert L. fisherman.

Romasco, John, quarryman, East Ave. Wife, Mary (Justa). Children: Tony & Mike, quarrymen. Nick, factory wkr. Santino, Annie & Rita, students.

Roney, Orra, eng’r. School St. Wife, Maud (Beverage). Child: Jeanette.

Russ, Charles U. real estate dealer, School St. Wife, Lucy E. (Merchant)

Sawyer, Fred E., eng’r. Ferrell St. Wife, Lillis A. (Jordan). Children: Arthur C., eng’r, Alexander Bay, Ellwood, at home.

Sawyer, John F., quarryman, off Main St. Child: William, student

Sawyer, S. J. T., stone cutter, East Ave. Wife, Lottie (Thurlow). Child: Evangeline H., at home.

Seekins, Ralph E., bldg contr., off Main St. Wife, Ethel (Billings). Child: Archie L., at home.

Seekins, Walter N., blacksmith, North St. Wife, Lena (Small). Children: Flossie & Berton, students.

Sellers, Adeline (Billings) Highland Ave. Children: Stephen S., fisherman, Lillian (Billings), Mary E. (Quirk) E. Boston, Carrie F. (Mullen), Oscar W., fisherman, Highland Ave.

Sellers, Mary A. (Colby) West St., Children: Freeman, stone cutter, So. Thomaston, Lizzie (Hamblen).

Sellers, Oscar W. fisherman, Highland Ave. Wife, Josephine (Gardner). Children: Mildred L. & Muriel E. stu’s, Elner B. & Bessie A., both @ home. (Elner married Gene Robbins & Bet married Wilbert Gray).

Sellers, Stephen S., fisherman, off Main St. Wife, Lizzie A. (Smith)

Sellers, William. M., farmer, Oceanville. Wife, Sarah E. (Merithew). Children: Comfort F. (Gray), Blanche V. (Goss), Daisy D. (Mathews), Effie M. (Eaton), Millie B., at home, Hattie V., student.

Shepard, Otis E., yachtsman, Wife, Cornelia (Eaton). Child: Doris A., at home.

Silver, George W. stone cutter, off Main St. Wife, Elizabeth M. (Leith): Children: Edith A., Vernon C., Stabley J., all students.

Simpson, Fred T., yachtsman, Highland Ave. Wife, Lenora (Grindle). Child: Virginia, at home.

Simpson, John F., farmer & fisherman, West Rd. Wife, Eliza A. Sweetser. Children: Charles C., fisherman, Vinal Haven, S. Bernard, eng’r.

Simpson, John H., fisherman, Sea Breeze Ave., Wife, Sadie A. (Chapin). Children: Irven G., fisherman, North Haven, Ida M. & Albert L., both students.

Simpson, Selma, teacher, Highland Ave.

Small, Carrie, farmer, North St.

Small, Courtney B., quarry Supt., Sea Breeze Ave. Children: Raymond C., eng’r, Laura J. (Greenlaw) Lawrence S., eng’r, Lottie G., teacher.

Small, Florian S., merchant, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Della (Laselle). Children: Ruby M. & Lillian L., students.

Small, Frances, dress maker, North St.

Small, John E., farmer, North St. Children: Lena M. (Seekins) Flossie (Young) Rkld. Vernon, fmr.

Small, Paul T., fisherman, North St., Wife, May (Berdeen)

Small, Phillip, druggest, Ea. Ave. Wife, Grace E. Pickering. Child: Marguerie W.

Small, Raymond C., water works eng’r, School st. Wife, Madge Brimigion, music tchr.

Small, Warren A., stone cutter & fisherman, Highland Ave. Wife, Mina F. (Merchant). Children: Harold A., Roy L., both students.

Small, Vernon, teacher, North St. Wife, Emma L. music teacher.

Small, Violet (Goss). Children: Florian S. & Rosalie (Arey).

Smith, Arthur D., blacksmith & machinist, Highland Ave. Wife, Laura R. (Smith). Child : Helene, stu.

Smith, Eben S. fisherman, off Main St.

Smith, Ernest E., quarryman, East Ave. Wife, Mae E. (Robbins). Children: Clyde E., eng’r. Hurricane Island., Hilda J. student.

Smith, Frank J., stone cutter, Main St. Wife, Flora L. (Dunham). Children: Jennie L (Carter) Elsie L. stu.

Smith, H. B. contracter, Church St. Wife, Nettie M. (Colcord): Ernest N. stu., Clarence, at home.

Smith, Henry C. lumber dealer., Main St. Wife, Mary E. (Niles). Children: Lena B. (Goodwin-Bennett) Brewer, Laura (Smith) Alice (Bray) New London, CT, Edna M. (Merrill) Mary E. (Colby) Portland. Susie J. stenog., Harry W., mach., Mabel V., stu.

Smith, John, quarry supt., Main St. Wife, Edna, teacher.

Smith, William C. quarry f’man, Oceanview St. Wife, Hattie(Dunham). Children: Alice M. (Hutchinson). Ethel L., waitress, Howard S., student.

Smith, Victoria (Duke). Child: Michael H. marine eng’r, Portland.

Snow, Joseph T., laundry, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Susie C. (Richardson). Children: Bertrand, stu., Irene.

Spargo Charles, quarryman, West st., wife, Abbie (Hamblen).

Spofford, Howard G., quarryman, Main St. Wife, Jennie M. (Russ).

Spofford, Kathleen G., student, Sea Breeze Ave.

Spofford, Mrs Nettie V., Sea Breeze Ave. Children: Frank C., livery. Arthur E., clerk.

Stanley, Charles, Light house keeper, Mark Island. Wife, Hittit (Kelley). Child: Randall, gen’l work.

Stanley, Harry steamboat service, North st. Wife, Eliz. K. (Judkins).

Stanley, Stephen E. fisherman, West st. Wife, Lena F. (Bray). Children: Forest E. & David W.

Stanley, Walter, stm bt serv., O’ville. Wife, Sadie M. Buckminster. Children: Carl B & Emma D. students.

Steele, Frank, quarryman, DI Rd. Wife, Edna (Stinson). Children: Rose I., stu. & Vera A., at home.

Steran, Philip, quarryman, Burnt Cove Rd. Wife, Angeline (Depa). Child: Carlo.

Stewart, Elizabeth, waitress, Highland Ave.

Stinson, Andrew, quarryman, Highland Ave. Wife, Alberta (Webb). Children: Cornelia & Leon, students.

Stinson, Bernard, stone cutter, West st. Wife, Mamie B. (Small). Children: Vertilee D., stu. Rita H. at home.

Stinson, Bertha (Barbour) West st. Children: Bernard, stone cutter & Roy, farmer.

Stinson, Florence (Greenlaw) Oceanville. Child: Fannie M., stenog., Boston

Stinson, Harold J., blacksmith & fisherman, West st. Wife, Edith (Weed). Child: Lyndell.

Stinson, Haudie, teamster, School st.

Stinson, Jacob C. gen’l work. Wife, Lurania (Knowlton).

Stinson, James I., launch eng’r. Highland Ave. Wife, Blanche (Morse)

Stinson, Jesse, quarryman, Oceanville Rd. Wife, Josephine (Beverage): Children: Alice (Harrington) Irving, quarry, Alfred, quarry, Millie, Rodney & Harry, students, Ralph H., at home.

Stinson, Jonathan, carpenter. Deer Isle Rd. Wife, Lois Allen. Children: Susan (Stinson) Jesse, Ida (Pert) Sophronia (Judkins) Hattie (Bray) Edna (Steele) Emily (McCauley) Andrew & Grover.

Stinson, Josiah, farmer, West st. Wife, Susan E. (Thurston). Children: William E., A. Lillian (Barbour) Lyman E. RFD mail in Deer Isle, Margaret (Cleveland) James I., Rose M. (Perry Sorrento) Hazel (Colby) tel. op.

Stinson, Leslie, yachtsman, Deer Isle Rd. Wife, Susan M. (Stinson)

Stinson, Lydia (Thurlow) East Ave. Children: Winfield, gen’l work, Cora E. (Gray) Melvin P., fisherman.

Stinson, Rollins, fisherman, Main St.

Stinson, Roy, farmer, West St. Wife, Mary A. (Dunsworth)

Stinson, William E. stonecutter, West St., Wife, Rosa L. (Judkins). Children: Maynard L., stonecutter, Harold J., blacksmith, Sterling B., teamster, Sidney T., student, R. Shirley & Margaret S.

Stinson, Winfield, gen’l work, East Ave. Wife, Georgia A. (Hendrick).

Stockbridge, Charles E., stonecutter, West St. Wife, Ella F. (Andrews). Children: Etta M., waitress, Boston. Eva E. (Brown) Vinal Haven. Blanche L. (Duke). George E., quarryman, Hurricane Island. Daisy D., at home. Alice F., factory worker, Rockland. Charles F., student.

Sturdee, Thomas H., carpenter & painter, Main St. Wife, Filena E. (Harvey). Children: Benj. E., clerk. Thomas H. jr., clerk. Wilmot, clerk. Calvin A. & Arthur R., students, Cora B.

Sullivan, William, farmer, Oceanville. Wife, Laurena (Colomy). Children: Eliz. C. (Foley) Frankfort. Everett W., shoe shop f’man, MA. Louis L., barber, Dexter. Laura (Simpson) Blue Hill

Sweetland, Walter, stonecutter. Wife, Mrs Sweetland.

Sweetser, A. F., retired, Main St. Children: William A., sea Capt., Annie L. (Marston) Rockland. Joshua H., hotel prop., Main St., Frances A., tailoress, Rockland.

Sweetser, Joshua H., hotel prop. Wife, Nellie (Murphy). Child: M. Louise, student.

Sweetser, William A., sea capt., West St. Wife, Laura E. (Morey). Children: Florence M. (Hendrickson) Beulah M., teacher. Gladys L. & Grace A. both at home. Howard P. student.

Sylvester, Benj., quarryman, DI Rd.

Sylvester, Elizabeth T. (Small) DI Rd. (note: likely, the wife of Benjamin).

Sylvester, Florence M., DI Rd., student. (note: likely, the dau. of Benj. & Eliz.).

Sylvester, J. B., blacksmith, School St. Wife, Sedora S. (Rich).

Tempesti D., stonecutter, East Ave. Wife, Thorchie (?). Children: Mary, Eda & Vedo.

Terrey, Addie (Gross) Main St. Children: Clifford, Josephine (Stanley) Swans island.

Terrey, Clifford, quarry, Moose Isld. Wife, Abbie (Harvey). Children: Granville & Christine.

Tessari, Giovanni, quarry & merchant, Oceanville.

Thurlow, B. S. fisherman, Atlantic Ave. Wife, Eliza S. (Fifield). Children: David T. eng’r, Ernest M. fisherman, Clara F. (Carter) Christie C. (Bates) Albert, fisherman, Mildred N.

Thurlow, C. C., quarry supt., Main St. Wife, Flora B. (Collins) Howard B., trucking & real estate.

Thurlow, David T. engr, Atl. Ave. wife, Julia H. (Green-Haskell). Children: Rich M., David D.

Thurlow, Eugene H., engr, Main St. Wife, Carol M. (Parker).

Thurlow, J. L. merchant, Main St. Child: Frank P., merchant.

Thurlow, Stephen B., off Main St., ret’d mariner & Pst Mstr, Wife, Louisa T. (Thompson-Buckminster).

Thurlow, B., fish warden, Main St. Wife, Phoebe E. (Barbour). Children: Lottie M. (Sawyer) Eugene H., engr., Ethel H. & Minnie G., both teachers.

Thurlow, Winfield S., ice dealer, Main St. Wife, Sarah E. (Gott). Children: Annie S. Fred H., merchant, Bessie T. (Haskell) Ellsworth, James G. merchant, Pequot, Minn. Fred H., Ralph, Med. student.

Thurston, Hester A. (Weed) West St. Children: Minnie L. (Tenney) Stockton Springs, Irving A., farmer. Zora M. teacher.

Thurston, Irving A., farmer, West St. Wife, Beatrice (Gott). Child: Everett A.

Thomas, James, paving cutter, Oceanville. Wife, Clara A. (Buckminster - Pinkham).

Thompson, Cyrus, yachtsman, Tea Hill. Wife, Vesta (Knowlton). Children: Nelson R., Alton L., Mabel C., all students.

Tibbets, Frank C. Ocean St. Child: Frank C.

Torrey, Fred A. Insurance agt, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Lillian D. (Staples). Child: Norman E., student.

Tracy, Nina E. (Robinson) East Ave. Child: Charles H., paving cutter.

Travers, Addie B. (Allen). Child: Roy E., quarryman.

Trott, Clara E., student, West St.

Trundy, George, sailmaker, School St. Wife, Ada (Hardy-Dow). Children: G. Ronald, Burtis D.

Trundy, F. M., fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Nancy (Gross). Children: Carrie F. (Thurlow) Pequot, Minn. Nellie (Morey)

Turley, Patrick, paving cutter, Main St. Wife, Jennie (Sweeney). Children: Lena, factory worker. James, paving cutter. Leo, paving cutter. Mary A. & Jennie T., students.

Turner, Albert C. blacksmith, Church St. Wife, Rose (Morey). Children: Clyde L & Gerald B.

Turner, George W. milkman, West St. Wife, May G. (Knowlton). Child: Margaret E., student.

Tyler, David T., retired sea capt., Main St. Wife, Octavia A. (Lash). Children: Amanda R. (Green) Children: John G. & Wilbert P. stonecutters, Mt. Waldo. Annie (Ferrell). Benj. B. yachtsman.

Tyler, John G., stonecutter, Main St. Wife, Persis A. (Bowden). Children: Roy C., clerk, Portland. Evelyn D. (Phillips) Hardwick, VT.

Vecil, Joseph, quarryman, Oceanville Rd. Wife, Carolina (Scarpa)

Verand, Antone, quarryman, Burnt Cove Rd. Children: Tom, stonecutter, Portland. Nick & Joe are stonecutters in Rockland. Theressa (Sterfinis) Portland.

Verginio, Petine, quarryman, Oceanville Rd. Wife, Ardelle (Argent). Children: Batiste, Feroucho & Marguerite.

Walker, George A., blacksmith, North St. Children: Sadie, teacher. Nellie & Albena, students. George, Jr., blacksmith.

Wallace, John, engr. Wife, Florence (Candage). Child: Mary Sibyl.

Warren, Frank S., merchant, Main St. Wife, Ella M. (Atwater). Child: Herbert H., clerk

Webb, Arthur V., fish packer, Oceanville. Wife, Lucy S. (Hatch). Children: Deborah B., at home, Harold A., express man, Malden, Ma., Janeva J. student.

Webb, Charles H. S., merchant, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Katie B. (Webb). Children: Fred E., merchant, Susie V. (Johnson) Deer Isle, Leonora (Noyes) Clara W. (Robinson) So. West harbor. Charles L., merchant, Lillian A. (Gross) Frank L., clerk

Webb, C. L., merchant, Oceanville. Wife, Nellie (Hatch). Children: Norman L. & Dorothy M. students.

Webb, C. W. factory supt., Oceanville. Wife, Zilphia (Greenlaw). Children: Hazel, teacher, Hallowell, Vera, stenog., Portland, Harry, musician, Portland. Arra, at home.

Webb, Frank L., clerk, Sea Breeze Ave. Wife, Gertrude E. (Coombs). Children: George N., Donald W.

Webb, Fred E., merchant, Main St. Wife, Jennie E. (Buckminster). Children: Christie & Muriel, students.

Webb, L. K., farmer, Deer Isle Rd. Wife, Ruth (Stinson). Children: Ida E., waitress. Lottie, student.

Webb, Stephen, quarryman, North St. Wife, Alena (Candage). Children: Leroy & Marion.

Webb, Stephen B., fisherman, off DI Rd. Children: Bertha (Stinson) Stephen, quarry, Lovinia, at home, Annie, student.

Webber, George A., blacksmith, Main St. Wife, laura A. (Abbott). Child: Ruth S.

Webber, Grace E. (Gott). Children: Lawrence H., teamster. Maynard, student (Mt Hermon)

Weed, O. B., merchant, Atlantic Ave. Wife, Callie B. (Dow). Children: Mabel H & Leon C., students.

Weed, Ralph, clerk, Main St.

Weed, Richard, yachtsman, off Main St. Wife, Belle(Merithew). Child: Evelyn, student.

Weed, Ernest, quarryman, Main St. Wife, Ada F. (Eaton). Child: Ernest H.

Welch, George E., steamboat Capt., Main St. Wife, Ida (Trowbridge). Child: Guy L., student.

Welch, William D., chief engr, Church St. Wife, Georgia S. (Phinney). Child: W. Kenneth.

Wescott, Fred A., quarryman, Main St. Wife, Emma R. (Hamblen- Gross). Child: Joseph E., engr.

West, J. F. merchant, Main St. Wife, Lenora J. (Curtis).

Williams, Clara A. (Green) Highland Ave. Children: Addie (Biatrow) Boston. Charles H., gen’l work. Lizzie (Gilmore) NYC. Flora E. (Butman) Lowell, MA. Samuel H. RR serv., Lowell, MA. William D., carpenter. Carrie M. clerk.

Williams, Iola, student, North St.

Williams, Malcolm, quarryman, West St. Wife, Lucy H. (Johnson). Child: Francis M.

Williams, Thomas, quarry foreman. School St. Wife, Ada (Robbins). Children: Cora & Bert, students. Clara, Thelma, Linwood.

Williams, William D., carp, Main St. Wife, Rosa A. (Robbins). Children: Raymond, Hazel & Louisa, students.

Wood, C. C., shoemaker, Main St. Wife, L. Jennie (Haskell). Children: Mary E., teacher. Alma, milliner.

Wood, Edmund, quarryman, West St. Wife, Etta M. (Haskell). Children: Maurice E. &Roswell, students. Katherine E., Norman C.

Wood, Frank R., fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Laura E. (Cole). Children: Mertie (Campbell) Cherryfield. Walter E., fisherman. Edmund C. quarry, Eliz. (Haskell) Annie (Annis) Mortimer, fisherman.

Wood, Walter E., fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Alice V. (Harvey). Chldren: Lenora & Raymond.

Woodcock, William F., marine engr., off Main St.

Young, Arthur, stone mason, off Main St. Wife, Cora B. (Robbins) Child: Floriston D. “ Coot”, student.

Young, Zina (Lunt - Davis). Children: Gertrude (Gray), Ora (Dalzell)