Military Exhibit

This exhibit traces the island’s involvement in conflicts from the Revolution to Vietnam. History is told through stories of islanders who defended their shores, left to fight far away, or worked at home to support the cause.

Many never returned, and some lie in unmarked graves or in the sea. Most returned and lived out their lives on the island in spite of the horrors they had seen or experienced. Many artifacts donated by islanders are displayed with their stories.

Highlights include:

  • A four pound cannonball used in the Battle of Small’s Cove, 1815

  • The tintype of Charles Gray, the bullet that killed him, and the letter sent home, all featured in Ken Burns’ famous documentary, The Civil War

  • A Civil War surgeon’s kit

  • WWI uniform and equipment, including gas mask

  • WWI Red Cross posters and knitting

  • WWII uniforms, ration stamps, and observation post items

  • Korean War photos

  • Vietnam War combat art